Frail grandmother ‘forced to sleep on baggage carousel at airport’ after Ryanair ‘left her stranded for three days’

A frail grandmother had to sleep on an airport baggage carousel after being left stranded in Brussels for three days, her furious daughter has revealed.

Wendy Erskine, 51, told the Daily Record that her 74-year-old mum Edith curled up on the conveyor belt because the floor was so cold when their Ryanair flights were cancelled.

But the grandmother, who suffers from heart problems, had to jump off when it started up in the early hours of the morning.

Care worker Wendy tried to sleep under a sink in the men’s toilets at Brussels Charleroi airport while other stranded passengers slept on luggage trays.

And she claims armed police intimidated her and ordered her to delete photos she had taken of the chaos in the terminal.

The mother and daughter were stranded at Charleroi Airport in Brussels (Image: Internet Unknown)
Ryanair has apologised for the cancelled flights (Image: REX/Shutterstock)

Wendy and Edith’s ordeal began on December 10 after they had been visiting Wendy’s son in the Netherlands. Their flight from Eindhoven to Edinburgh was cancelled due to bad weather.

Wendy, from Upper Largo, Fife, says they were forced to make their way to Charleroi, more than 100 miles away, by coach.

But to their horror, the flight they were expecting to catch from there was also cancelled at the last minute, with Ryanair again blaming the weather.

Stranded passengers were forced to sleep at the airport (Image: Collect Unknown)

Wendy said she and her mum were forced to bed down in the airport that night as they were running short of cash.

Wendy said: “My mum has heart problems and had to sleep on a conveyor belt because the floor was so cold. It started up at 2am but thankfully she managed to get off.

“People were queuing for information for several hours at a time and there were police with guns, which was very intimidating.

“There was no form of help or information and a sign was put up at the Ryanair desk saying the next flight would be on the 13th.”

Wendy said when she tried to take a photo on the morning of December 12, she was taken into a private room by armed officers. They told her that airports are private areas and ordered her to delete her images.

Wendy Erskine was furious after her mother was forced to sleep on a conveyor belt (Image: Collect Unknown)

Wendy and Edith stayed in a hotel that night at their own expense before finally flying back to Edinburgh on December 13.

Wendy is in the process of complaining to the airline over their ordeal and says she will consult her Euro-MP over their treatment at the airport.

Ryanair said the pair had been told they would be reimbursed for any expenses.

A spokeswoman said: “This flight from Eindhoven to Edinburgh on December 10 was regrettably cancelled due to snow in Eindhoven.

“All affected customers were advised of their options – a full refund, a free transfer on to the next available flight, or a free transfer on to an alternative routing.

“The customers in question chose a re-routing and were transferred by coach to Brussels Charleroi, where they were due to fly from on December 11. However, this flight was subsequently and regrettably cancelled due to snow at Charleroi.”

The spokeswoman added that due to the number of cancellations on that day, hotel accommodation which had been authorised was not available to all.

She said: “We sincerely apologise for these weather cancellations, which were entirely beyond our control.”


British Airways ‘force musicians to pay £280 each to fly their instruments to Jersey for a gig’

Violinist Rita Manning was travelling to a gig with her group Lorcian Ensemble when staff told them to put their precious instruments in the hold

A MUSICIAN was forced to shell out £280 on a seat for her £100k violin after British Airways cabin crew said it was TOO BIG for the overhead locker.

Violinist Rita Manning was flying to Jersey with three other performers from Lorcian Ensemble for a concert when they were told to put their instruments in the hold.

Four of the Locrian Ensemble group were travelling to Jersey from London for a concert when they were told their violins were too big for the overhead lockers

Four of the Locrian Ensemble group were travelling to Jersey from London for a concert when they were told their violins were too big for the overhead lockers, pictured far left is Rita Manning and artistic director Justin Pearson is on the far right

She explained that their violins, including one which dates back to the 18th-century and is worth £100,000, were precious and could get broken or stolen.

And despite 11 vacant seats on the flight from London Gatwick, a stewardess said that if the group wanted to keep their items in the cabin they’d have to fork out £1,120 between them or miss the flight altogether.

Rita’s husband Chris Laurence blasted: “It’s just a lack of common sense.

“When they arrived at the airport they realised the instruments were too big for the overhead lockers.

British Airways staff told the musicians to pay £280 each to keep their valuable instruments in the cabin

British Airways staff told the musicians to pay £280 each to keep their valuable instruments in the cabin

“Those instruments cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, they can’t go in the hold with the rest of the bags.

“They’d either be broken or never seen again.

“British Airways should have realised that, but they insisted on charging them £280 each.”

He added: “It’s disgraceful.”

The group’s booking agents are expected to cover the tab – but outraged Artistic Director Justin Pearson says the issue is symptomatic of the way airlines treat classical performers.

He told The Sun: “Literally every time we go to the airport we’re shaking with terror.

“It’s got to stop, they need to start appreciating the difficulty musicians have performing overseas.

“If you listen to the British Airways hold music, you’ll find that it’s classical.

Those instruments cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, they can’t go in the hold with the rest of the bags… They’d either be broken or never seen again

Rita Manning, The Locrian Ensemble

“They’re happy to profit off the work of musicians but don’t want to help them out”.

Rita decided not to put the violins in a van driving the rest of the instruments from London after reading that British Airways “make every effort to accommodate your violin or viola in its hard case”.

Justin added: “You never let instruments like that out of your sight, they’d be stolen in an instant.

“She didn’t put them in the van with the rest of the instruments because she thought BA had a sensible violin policy.

A spokesperson for BA said: “We appreciate how precious instruments are to musicians and we will be in touch with our customers to discuss their complaint and to check whether we have made a mistake.

“Our website,, is clear that will always do our best to accommodate smaller musical instruments in the cabin.

“However, to ensure there is enough space for all customers to store their belongings in the cabin, larger musical instruments, such as guitars and cellos, can be carried in the hold in a hard case.

“Alternatively, customers can choose to buy an extra seat in the cabin for a discounted rate.​​”


Facebook Post About Airport Priority Boarding Goes Viral: First Class Bitch Told to Wait in Line

A Facebook post that claims to expose casual racism in America has become an massive viral hit –but some social media users are challenging its accuracy.

She is alleged to have said: “You may be in the wrong place, you need to let us through. This line is for priority boarding.”

When he presented the his boarding pass the woman she replied that this was probably because he was a serving member of the military – insinuating that black Americans are too poor to buy first class tickets on their own.

His response reads: “Nope, too big to be in anybodies [sic] military. I’m just a n***** with money.” At this point he claims that the crowd started cheering and applauding.

So far his post has been shared over 200,000 times on Facebook. Many say the tweet is indicative of prejudices still widely-held by white America.

Jasmine Battle said on the post: “White privilege is something else!!!!! Smh! I’m glad you stood your ground!”

Gantt Nikia replied: “Smh!!! (They) be looking at me crazy everytime… Like I skipped the line or some shyt! I just smirk n keep it movin.”

This is Emmit Walker, a DC-based music executive who just stood up to casual racism in the best way

It all started when he got in line to board a flight, and a fellow passenger tried to cut in front of him

Mic drop! Walker also received a round of applause from the Internet

Was this a genius comeback? Tell us below!

The 15 Coolest Airline Livery Designs In the World

1. Air New Zealand: Air New Zealand is our winner with its teal and white livery dominated by the Maori Koru logo on the tail. However, as good as the airline’s normal paint scheme may be, its specialty jobs are even better…

1. Air New Zealand

2. Hawaiian Airlines: Even 40 years after its founding, the airline’s trademark Pualani (Flower of the Sky) logo is still the most beautiful and distinctive in the business2. Hawaiian Airlines

3. Air Seychelles: Air Seychelles is the national airline for the eponymous small island nation situated off the coast of Africa. Its stunning livery consists of a pair of ‘fairy terns’ flowing amid a sea of tropical colors.3. Air Seychelles
4. Virgin Atlantic Airways: As with all Virgin Group companies, Virgin Atlantic carries Richard Branson’s signature corporate logo. Even though it’s been around in various iterations for a couple of decades now, the design still looks as modern and stylish as the day it debuted.4. Virgin Atlantic Airways
5.Fiji Airways: The recently re-branded Air Pacific is the national airline of Fiji. Its tribal-esque livery is evocative of the island’s rich native culture.5.Fiji Airways
6. Kulula: This South African low-cost carriers has built quite a reputation for interesting liveries, but its best effort so far is the ‘Flying 101’ design that double as a flying teaching tool for anyone interested in the different parts of an airliner.6. Kulula
7. Hainan Airlines: China’s largest privately-owned airline has livery evokes element of China’s culture and history. For the Chinese, red is symbolic of happiness and good fortune, while gold was the official color of China’s imperial past.7. Hainan Airlines
8. American Airlines: This is American’s first new livery since the 1960’s era polished metallic. Although the rebranding has been controversial, the new livery scheme is an effective modern take on American’s eagle-and-flag motif. 8. American Airlines
9. Swiss International Airlines: Swiss International’s eurowhite-and-red livery is pure understated style.9. Swiss International Airlines
10. British Airways: With a waving Union Jack adorning the tail, British Airways delivers a modern take on tradition British elegance.10. British Airways

11. Skyteam: Although Skyteam is an airline alliance and not a single airline, its grey-and-blue livery, adorning many of the member fleets, is one of the most chic in the skies.11. Skyteam

12. Arik Air: The upstart Nigerian airline flies with this attractive maroon-and-blue paint scheme.12. Arik Air
13. Asiana: The Seoul, Korea-based airline may not have the eye-catching turquoise paint scheme of its rival — Korean Air— but its simple yet elegant livery depicting a blossoming flower is still one of the best around.13. Asiana
14. China Southern Airlines: Based out its hub in the city of Guangzhou, China Southern is the country’s largest airline. Its elegant livery features a combination of multiple hues of blue with its tail dominated by a brilliant red kapok flower.14. China Southern Airlines

15. Air Malta: The national airline of the small Mediterranean island nation recently revamped its livery to feature the Maltese Cross prominently on the tail and wingtips.15. Air Malta

…like its Boeing Dreamliner, painted in honor of the country’s all-conquering rugby squad the ‘All Blacks.’ its Boeing Dreamliner, painted in honor of the country's all-conquering rugby squad the 'All Blacks.'

Or this Hobbit-themed livery promoting the movies filmed in the country.Or this Hobbit-themed livery promoting the movies filmed in the country.
And as the ‘Official Airline of Middle Earth,’ it’s only fitting that the fearsome dragon Smaug adorns the sides of its planes.And as the 'Official Airline of Middle Earth,' it's only fitting that the fearsome dragon Smaug adorns the sides of its planes.
Bonus: No livery is quite as evocative and effective in projecting American power as Air Force One. Although it’s operated by the US Air Force’s 89th Airlift Wing, the pair of Boeing 747-200-based VC25A’s will literally bring any airport in the world to a screeching halt.No livery is quite as evocative